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Infusion Enterprises Enhances Student Support for Braven’s Career Readiness Program

Client: Braven

Challenge: Braven, a non-profit organization focused on empowering college students to get strong first jobs, needed a reliable partner to provide comprehensive grading and support services for their educational program. They required a team to evaluate student work effectively, offer constructive feedback, and provide additional support to ensure student success.


Solution: Infusion Enterprises deployed a team of GraderGraders to address Braven’s needs:

  1. Project Evaluation:

   – Graded projects for 15-40 college students using Braven’s rubrics

   – Provided meaningful and constructive feedback

  1. Student Support:

   – Held weekly virtual office hours

   – Proactively reached out to students needing additional assistance

   – Supported students flagged for academic, engagement, or personal challenges

  1. On-Site Engagement:

   – Attended weekly in-person class sessions

   – Built relationships with students and offered academic support

  1. Communication:

   – Maintained regular contact with Braven staff, facilitators, and students

   – Reported on student progress, engagement, and upcoming deadlines

  1. Program Promotion:

   – Served as Braven ambassadors

   – Participated in panels and outreach activities on campus


Implementation: Infusion Enterprises provided these services from January to May 2024. The team thoroughly internalized Braven’s course content and completed all required training to ensure high-quality support.



  1. Improved Student Feedback:

   – Students received timely, constructive feedback on their projects

   – Enhanced understanding of course material and expectations

  1. Increased Student Engagement:

   – Regular office hours and proactive outreach improved student participation

   – In-person sessions strengthened student-instructor relationships

  1. Enhanced Support for At-Risk Students:

   – Early identification and support for struggling students

   – Personalized assistance improved student performance

  1. Efficient Program Management:

   – Regular reporting kept Braven’s staff informed of student progress

   – Streamlined communication between all stakeholders

  1. Increased Program Visibility:

   – Ambassador activities raised Braven’s profile on campus


Key Takeaways:

Infusion Enterprises successfully provided comprehensive support to Braven’s educational program. Their dedicated approach to student support, combined with efficient grading and communication practices, significantly enhanced the educational experience for Braven’s students. This case study demonstrates Infusion Enterprises’ ability to integrate seamlessly into academic programs, providing valuable services that contribute to student success and program efficacy.