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Infusion Enterprise’s Clients

Recent Projects

Infusion Enterprise’s Clients

recent projects

Well Play Event Marketing Project

This client struggled to build brand awareness for her mental health event. She had four events that she wanted to market over a 45-day time frame. Three out of the four events had a similar target audience, but one event’s audience was completely different.

hair by shima
beautysalon llc

Hair by Shima Beauty Salon is a visionary hairdresser with a passion for creating stunning hair transformations and is embarking on a brand development project. We aim to establish a unique and memorable brand identity reflecting our artistic hairdressing approach.

Shimas Beauty Boutique

Shima Beauty Boutique: Your Premier Beauty Boutique. Discover curated luxury skincare, makeup, fragrance, and wellness. Personalized beauty profiles for tailored recommendations.

Handy People Plus

Handy people plus is a contracting service in the metro Atlanta area. The owner realized that they needed to bring their presence online but didn’t have time to manage a complete online presence.

Phoenix Ivy oasis travel agency

Phoenix ivy oasis is an exclusive travel agency that wanted a facelift to look as luxurious as her services. The owner wanted her brand to the next level, and to do that, she had to upgrade her brand presence. 

Digitally Discarded

For this project, Infusion Enterprises created a podcast for the client. Using our experience setting up the Janelle Show podcast, we set up the DD podcast efficiently on Anchor with a podcast cover, tags for SEO, and optimized description. We also assisted the client in creating a podcast flow and sourcing guests for the podcast. Then the podcast was synced all the podcasts to all of the leading platforms such as Itunes, Google Podcast, Stitcher, Amazon Podcasts, and Iheart radio. It is featured on 10 different platforms.

The Funny Agent

The project was a brand development and awareness campaign. The goal was to obtain speaking engagements for the client. This project started with optimizing the client’s website for SEO and branding his social media platforms Instagram and Facebook. For this project, I used my public relations skills to contact the podcast host and booked the client as a guest

The Janelle Show

Created for brand awareness, this project assists in networking with like-minded entrepreneurs. In this project, the podcast was set up in Libsyn, designing a podcast cover, writing show notes, and source guests via Facebook groups and referrals. The podcast is featured on 12 different platforms. Marketing the podcast episodes on several platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin is instrumental to its growth


A virtual summit is an event where a host collaborates with speakers by hosting them in an online forum. It is very similar to a conference or a web series with industry discussions from many experts quickly. Building the brand this way is not only great for brand awareness, but it is a fantastic list builder. I have set up, managed, and completed over 30 summits.

The Manifest Cafe

This project consisted of launching a coaching brand by starting a list build via a virtual summit. By utilizing past experiences, I created a list build of over 5000 engaged subscribers within 30 days. Later the recordings became a podcast series on Libsyn. It consists of a strategic analysis of competitors, SWOT analysis, setting up a digital presence, and sourcing sponsors.

hustling hotties

This project consisted of developing a marketing strategy coaching digital brand presence. This brand build-out includes logo creation, website development, social media setup, content creation, course creation, and product development.

stone 2 stone

Infusion Enterprises created a marketing plan incorporating an analysis of the real estate market, its competitors, potential customers, target markets, and action steps to develop a course for entrepreneurs who want to enter a new industry.

cupcake site

Cupcake Delights, a beloved local bakery known for its delectable cupcakes, is embarking on a web development project to expand its digital presence and customer reach. Our goal is to create an enticing online bakery experience that showcases our mouthwatering creations while simplifying the ordering process for our valued customers.

liano naturally

Liano Naturally is a budding brand committed to offering natural and sustainable products, is embarking on a brand development project. Our mission is to create a brand identity that resonates with conscious consumers, fosters trust, and promotes a holistic approach to well-being.


APH Travel Agency, a dynamic and forward-thinking travel company, sought to establish a compelling brand identity and enhance its social media presence to engage travelers looking for exciting and memorable experiences. The project encompassed the creation of a distinct brand identity, which included defining brand colors, designing a mood board, crafting a logo, and creating eye-catching visual assets for Facebook and Instagram.


Janelle Jones is a seasoned business consultant with strategic insight and marketing expertise. She specializes in providing business advice and comprehensive marketing services to clients across diverse industries. Her clientele includes startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and established businesses seeking to optimize their operations and expand their market reach.


Janelle Jones, a certified mediation and parenting coordinator professional with state of Ohio certifications for the “Fundamentals of Mediation” and “Parenting Coordinator,” recently partnered with “Little Linguist,” a company specializing in early childhood language development and education. This collaborative project focused on providing mediation services, acting as a parent coach, and establishing training manuals and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for new mediators starting with the company.


Miss J’s Tutoring is a dynamic and innovative tutoring company that offers a comprehensive range of services, including homeschool teaching, virtual tutoring, parenting coaching, and educational consulting. Founded in 2015 by Janelle Jones, a dedicated educator with over 15 years of experience in education, Miss J’s Tutoring has rapidly grown into a trusted partner for students and parents seeking personalized, high-quality educational support and guidance. 


.We’re all about turning your brand’s story into a visual masterpiece. We’re proud of our knack for capturing what makes each business special and turning it into a logo that really sticks. See our logo creation for different brands like Liano, Janelle Jones, APH Travel Agency, Handy Plus, Voyage de la Mere, Miss J’s Tutoring Service and The Funny Agent.