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Infusion Enterprises Elevates Client’s Marketing and Communication Strategy

Client: Marketing Sparkler with CEO Kemya Scott


Challenge: CEO Kemya Scott required comprehensive marketing and communication support to enhance her brand visibility, streamline internal and external communications, and strengthen relationships with key stakeholders.


Solution: Infusion Enterprises deployed a team of Marketing Managers to address the client’s needs:

  1. Team Management:

   – Supervised and mentored 3-5 interns and part-time staff members

   – Demonstrated exceptional leadership skills recognized by higher management

  1. Communication Strategy:

   – Maintained and delegated communication among board members, clients, team members, and media

   – Served as a liaison between the board and team members

   – Promptly addressed board members’ complaints and concerns

  1. Marketing Initiatives:

   – Developed marketing and press campaigns to promote the brand

   – Provided marketing copywriting services

  1. Relationship Building:

   – Organized ten team-building events and 14 outreach events

   – Facilitated interactions among team members, board members, and clients

  1. Technology Implementation:

   – Created a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

   – Managed a database of over 4,000 contacts



  1. Improved Stakeholder Communication:

   – Established seamless and efficient information flow between key stakeholders

   – Enhanced board member satisfaction and confidence in Kemya Scott’s team

  1. Strengthened Client Relationships:

   – Successfully streamlined communication through the CRM system

   – Increased client satisfaction and engagement

  1. Enhanced Brand Visibility:

   – Effectively promoted the brand through targeted marketing and press campaigns

  1. Improved Team Dynamics:

   – Fostered connections and collaboration among key stakeholders through organized events

  1. Efficient Data Management:

   – Streamlined contact management and communication processes with the new CRM system


Key Takeaways: Infusion Enterprises demonstrated versatility and effectiveness in managing multifaceted projects and relationships. The team’s exceptional leadership, communication, and organizational skills, combined with their dedication to fostering strong client relationships, resulted in significant improvements across various aspects of the client’s business operations.