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Project Description: Mediation and Parent Coaching Collaboration with Little Linguist

Project Overview:

Janelle Jones, a certified mediation and parenting coordinator professional with state of Ohio certifications for the “Fundamentals of Mediation” and “Parenting Coordinator,” recently partnered with “Little Linguist,” a company specializing in early childhood language development and education. This collaborative project focused on providing mediation services, acting as a parent coach, and establishing training manuals and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for new mediators starting with the company.

Scope of Work:

  1. Mediation Services:
    • Janelle Jones, leveraging her extensive knowledge and practical experience in mediation, including her state of Ohio certification in the “Fundamentals of Mediation,” facilitated effective communication and conflict resolution among families and parents within the Little Linguist community. This certification attests to her expertise in mediation techniques, conflict resolution, and dispute management.
  2. Parent Coaching:
    • In addition to mediation, Janelle Jones provided parent coaching services, applying her expertise as a state-certified “Parenting Coordinator.” This Ohio certification recognizes her proficiency in helping parents and caregivers build effective communication strategies with their children.
    • Parent coaching sessions, based on her specialized training, equipped parents with the knowledge and skills necessary to support their child’s language development and address any unique challenges faced by the families.
  3. Training Manuals and SOPs:
    • Janelle Jones played a crucial role in developing comprehensive training manuals and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for new mediators joining the Little Linguist team. These manuals provided essential guidance and reference materials to ensure that new mediators were well-equipped to handle mediation cases effectively and in alignment with industry best practices.

Collaborative Approach:

  • The project emphasized a collaborative approach in which Janelle Jones worked closely with the team at Little Linguist. This partnership ensured that the mediation and coaching services, as well as the training manuals and SOPs, aligned seamlessly with the company’s mission and values.
  • Regular communication and feedback exchanges between Janelle Jones and the company were instrumental in tailoring the services and resources to the specific needs of the families, parents, and new mediators.

Project Outcomes:

  • Janelle Jones, armed with her state of Ohio certifications in mediation and parenting coordination, successfully facilitated mediation and conflict resolution, leading to improved relationships and reduced stress within families associated with Little Linguist.
  • Parents and caregivers, under the guidance of the certified parenting coordinator, gained valuable insights and skills through parent coaching sessions, enhancing their ability to support their children’s language development effectively.
  • The establishment of training manuals and SOPs for new mediators ensured that the company had structured and standardized processes in place for handling mediation cases, contributing to the professional growth of the team and ensuring consistent, high-quality service delivery.

This project exemplified the critical role played by Janelle Jones, a certified professional with Ohio state certifications in mediation and parenting coordination, in positively impacting the lives of families and the professional growth of new mediators. Her contributions were in perfect alignment with Little Linguist’s mission of empowering children with strong language foundations, underscoring the importance of effective communication and support in early childhood development and education.