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hustling hotties

This brand’s genesis occurred during a life-altering retreat in Bali, Indonesia. The founder’s vision was to empower women to embrace side hustles, drawing from her wealth of entrepreneurial experience. This brand’s core ethos was to demonstrate to women that they could generate the additional income they craved. It evolved into an extensive ecosystem, offering courses, workshops, and mentorship to equip women with the knowledge and confidence needed to pursue financial independence. This brand’s global impact has inspired countless women to step into the world of entrepreneurship, transforming dreams into thriving businesses.


Client: Hustling Hotties

Project Duration: [Start Date – End Date]

Contract Value: $525,500

Project Overview

Our experience includes successful private projects that align with the expertise and dedication we bring to government contracts. We have effectively executed projects encompassing a responsive website communicating business objectives and providing the user with information. In these endeavors, we were tasked with a four-page Divid WordPress site and Woo-Commerce Store, which has multiple calls to action that will lead users to make inquiries and know more. Our team was committed to ensuring the successful completion of each phase.

Achievements and Contributions

Despite our lack of government-specific experience, we have achieved remarkable milestones in our private projects:

  1. Quality Performance: We consistently met or exceeded performance metrics, delivering top-quality services that positively impacted Hustling Hotties’ goal by creating responsive and informative websites and a digital store. 
  2. Budget Adherence: Our meticulous budget management ensured transparent and justified expenditures within approved limits, resulting in significant client cost savings.
  3. Timely Delivery: Adherence to timelines and schedules was a top priority for us, contributing to the overall success of our private projects.
  4. Compliance and Documentation: We maintained rigorous compliance with all regulations, policies, and procedures relevant to our private projects. Our meticulous documentation and reporting processes provided transparency and accountability at every stage.
  5. Exceptional Team: Our dedicated professionals, including subject matter experts and project managers, worked collaboratively to ensure seamless project execution. Our commitment to excellence and teamwork was evident throughout the lifecycle of our private projects.

Client Reference

We understand the importance of client references. While we don’t have government references, we have a satisfied private client:

  • Client Name: Janelle Jones
  • Title: CEO
  • Company: Hustling Hotties
  • Contact Information:

Phone: (770) 3746228


Client Feedback/Client Testimonials

“We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to Infusion Enterprises for their outstanding work on our brand development. As the driving force behind Hustling Hotties, it was essential for us to create a brand identity that truly resonated with our target audience and reflected our unique vision.

Infusion Enterprises not only understood our vision but also took it to the next level. Their expertise in crafting a comprehensive brand strategy, including visual elements, messaging, and customer engagement, was nothing short of exceptional.

Thanks to their efforts, our brand now stands out in a competitive landscape. Our website, social media presence, and overall brand identity reflect the energy, passion, and dedication of the Hustling Hotties community.

We highly recommend Infusion Enterprises to anyone seeking top-notch brand development services. Their professionalism, creativity, and commitment to excellence have been invaluable to our brand’s success.

Thank you, Infusion Enterprises, for helping us take Hustling Hotties to the next level!”