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stone 2 stone

Stone 2 Stone, a prominent real estate development company rooted in Dallas, Texas, embarked on a visionary mission to leverage the vast potential of the online market. Their objective? To democratize real estate knowledge and empower aspiring enthusiasts with the skills and insights needed to excel in this dynamic industry. The avenue through which they aimed to achieve this ambitious goal was a comprehensive “Real Estate 101” digital course.


Project Duration: 5 months

Contract Value: $25600

Project Overview

Our experience includes successful private projects that align with the expertise and dedication we bring to government contracts. We have effectively executed projects encompassing strong email marketing. In these endeavors, we were tasked with creating a five-part email series that walked the new subscriber through the brand’s mission, vision, and what it would be like to be a part of the real estate industry, and our team was committed to ensuring the successful completion of each phase.

Achievements and Contributions

Despite our lack of government-specific experience, we have achieved remarkable milestones in our private projects:

  1. Quality Performance: We consistently met or exceeded performance metrics, delivering top-quality services that positively impacted the business to gain sales by introducing creating a marketing email that will make new subscribers purchase. 
  2. Budget Adherence: Our meticulous budget management ensured transparent and justified expenditures within approved limits, resulting in significant client cost savings.
  3. Timely Delivery: Adherence to timelines and schedules was a top priority for us, contributing to the overall success of our private projects.
  4. Compliance and Documentation: We maintained rigorous compliance with all regulations, policies, and procedures relevant to our private projects. Our meticulous documentation and reporting processes provided transparency and accountability at every stage.
  5. Exceptional Team: Our dedicated professionals, including subject matter experts and project managers, worked collaboratively to ensure seamless project execution. Our commitment to excellence and teamwork was evident throughout the lifecycle of our private projects.

Client Reference

We understand the importance of client references. While we don’t have government references, we have a satisfied private client:

  • Client Name: Avery Dunfree
  • Title: CEO
  • Company: Stone 2 Stone

Client Feedback/Client Testimonials

“Working with Infusion Enterprises on our ‘Real Estate 101’ digital course project has been a remarkable experience. Their expertise and dedication have been instrumental in bringing our vision to life. They crafted an engaging and user-friendly platform that exceeded our expectations, seamlessly integrating multimedia elements and fostering a strong sense of community among learners. Thanks to Infusion Enterprises, our course has made a significant impact, attracting a diverse range of eager learners. We highly recommend them for their professionalism, creativity, and unwavering commitment to our mission.”