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Infusion Enterprises Enhances Academic Support Services for Study Smart Tutors

Client: Study Smart Tutors


Challenge: Study Smart Tutors needed to expand their capacity to provide high-quality academic support services to a diverse student population. They required a partner who could effectively support various group sizes, adapt to different subject areas, and contribute to overall student success while maintaining alignment with their existing educational approach.


Solution: Infusion Enterprises provided a comprehensive academic support solution:


  1. Adaptive Tutoring Approach:

   – Supported both small and large groups of students

   – Utilized class assignment information to tailor teaching methods

  1. Staff Collaboration:

   – Worked closely with Study Smart Tutors’ staff to implement effective learning strategies

   – Maintained consistent communication with the Education team

  1. Comprehensive Academic Support:

   – Provided wide-ranging assistance across various subjects

   – Focused on promoting overall student success beyond just academic performance

  1. Tutor Training Program:

   – Developed and implemented a mentoring program for new tutors

   – Shared effective teaching methodologies and best practices

  1. Community Outreach Support:

   – Assisted in establishing partnerships with local county schools

   – Helped implement free tutoring services to expand community impact


Implementation: Infusion Enterprises deployed a team of skilled tutors who worked within Study Smart Tutors’ existing framework. The team consistently communicated with Study Smart Tutors’ staff to ensure alignment with their educational goals and standards.



  1. Improved Student Performance:

   – Contributed to a 15% increase in student test scores through personalized tutoring approaches


  1. Expanded Service Offering:

   – Successfully supported both small and large groups of students across various subjects

   – Enabled Study Smart Tutors to meet diverse client needs more effectively


  1. Enhanced Community Presence:

   – Helped establish partnerships with local county schools

   – Supported the implementation of free tutoring services, broadening Study Smart Tutors’ community impact


  1. Strengthened Tutor Team:

   – Trained and mentored three new tutors, enhancing Study Smart Tutors’ internal capabilities

   – Improved overall quality of tutoring services through shared best practices


  1. Improved Operational Efficiency:

   – Streamlined communication between tutors and Study Smart Tutors’ Education team

   – Enhanced adaptation of teaching methods to specific class assignments


Key Takeaways: Infusion Enterprises successfully augmented Study Smart Tutors’ academic support services, contributing to improved student performance and expanded community outreach. Infusion Enterprises helped Study Smart Tutors enhance their service offerings and strengthen their position in the educational support market by providing adaptable, high-quality tutoring services and supporting tutor development.