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How Tutoring and Marketing Uplifted an Underserved School’s Academics

Leveraging Tutoring and Digital Marketing to Support Underserved Students

The Challenge

Clayton County Schools, a large public school district in Metro Atlanta’s underserved urban community, faced significant challenges supporting its diverse student population. With limited resources and a high percentage of students from low-income families, many students needed help keeping up with academic demands, leading to poor test scores and low graduation rates.

The Solution 

Clayton County Schools partnered with Study Smart Tutors, a college access organization, and Janelle Jones, a digital marketing consultant specializing in education. 

Study Smart Tutors provides a comprehensive tutoring program, including on-site tutors, personalized learning plans, online resources, and college preparation workshops. Study Smart Tutors specializes in providing top-notch tutoring services for underserved schools to help close the achievement gap. Their innovative approach to tutoring services for underserved schools involves personalized learning plans tailored to each student’s needs.

The organization’s mission focuses on delivering accessible, high-quality tutoring services for underserved schools that lack resources and face socioeconomic challenges. Study Smart Tutors aims to be a leading provider of tutoring services for underserved schools nationwide.

Administrators rave about Study Smart Tutors’ exceptional tutors, comprehensive programming, and measurable results. Their case studies showcase the transformative power of their tutoring services for underserved schools.

Janelle Jones was hired to develop and implement a strategic marketing campaign to raise awareness about tutoring services and drive student/family engagement. By partnering with educational consultants like Janelle Jones, Study Smart Tutors enhances their tutoring services for schools with strategic marketing efforts to increase awareness and engagement. Their tutoring services for underserved schools have proven tremendously impactful, substantially boosting test scores, graduation rates, and college enrollment.

The Execution

Study Smart Tutors’ team of tutors worked closely with the school to identify critical needs and develop a customized program. 

Meanwhile, Janelle Jones:

– Rebranded Study Smart Tutors with a bold new look and messaging tailored to Lincoln’s community

– Launched a user-friendly website and optimized SEO to improve online visibility  

– Executed targeted social media advertising to reach students and parents

– Facilitated a referral program incentivizing word-of-mouth promotion

– Coordinated on-campus events and outreach activities to boost engagement

The Results

After one year, Clayton County Schools saw stellar outcomes:

– 20% increase in student test scores  

– 15% improvement in graduation rates

– 25% more students in Advanced Placement courses

– 30% growth in college applications

Student testimonials praised the tutoring for boosting confidence and academic passion. Marketing efforts were vital to maximizing awareness and participation.